It is a pleasure to introduce our Company and our Products to you.

Our Company has been in business since 2001,  although we are a farley new company,  that does not mean we don't have experience, between our manager team we have more than 40 years experience, proudly installing residential and commercial hurricane protection devices.

H & K Concepts Inc. is a member of NATIONAL SHUTTER ASSOCIATION. Meaning that we are forced to maintain the highest standards in the market, and it allows us to uphold and protect our prices against our competitors, it also permits us to obtain the latest in hurricane protection technology and quickly upgrade our products to meet and surpass State and County building codes.

The products we manufacture and install are:

Offering the maximum protection against hurricane force winds, flying debris, unwanted entry, noise, heat, sun and snow. There are various slats, styles and colors to choose from. Our ROLLSHUTTERS are designed to complement the existing structure and not detract from its architectural beauty.
Are constructed to deliver safe and reliable weather control, storm protection and security, when open, accordion shutters fold compactly to the sides, allowing full use of natural light and entrance areas.
When locked they are a strong protection against unwanted entry and the elements.  Many High-Rise communities are installing RS-1 Accordion Shutters even in high risk areas such as Costal zones.
Are 100% transparent allowing all the surrounding  light to enter and are as strong as galvanize steel or aluminum panels, but with out all the difficulties such as weight, sharpness rust, difficult installation, unattractiveness and many more.

All systems have met Miami-Dade County and “Florida Building Code Product Approval” requirements.

Our team is composed of people who believe in taking great pride on our work, we know that our mission in to protect and ensure people from the worst of nature, and we know that  “better” means  “safer” that is why we only use the best in the market.

It is important for us to work very closely with our client, because we understand our customers needs.

We can help you anticipate  and prepare for the danger of anyhurricane.

This is a photo of an office area in total disarray. The wall and ceiling coverings have been blown away exposing a tangled mess of wires and ductwork. What may have been cubicle walls now looks like a mangled pile of debris in the center of the room. Wires, broken glass, trash, and hunks of loose insulation are littered everywhere. One empty plastic trash basket stands in the foreground, perhaps ready for the start of a huge cleanup job.
Photo of destruction caused by tornadoes embedded in Hurricane Andrew. The remains of several houses are scattered in total disarray over the lawns and streets of what had been a quiet residential neighborhood.