Vessel.2004.Burned Toy Furniture, Clock Mechanisms, Aluminum, Electric Wires.

“Vessel” is a variation of an idea that has been developed for a while, in where time is an important concept. The burning of furniture, real or dollhouse furniture, as in this case, is an obvious but poetic reference to past events and how they stay in our minds, or our hearts. They can represent pain or liberation, in all the cases, something happened. In this case, something has happened inside the house.
When these objects are mounted on bare clock mechanisms, moving very slowly around them selves, there is a feeling of heaviness, of solitude, of sadness. Time then has character. Its hopeless longing never stops.
In “Vessel”, the grouping of many of these systems in one structure, creates a metaphor for a journey, it's like a time travel machine that carries all the baggage. Time flies and we are the travelers. Is like a house for past-future times that goes with you, a mobile home in the skies. A satellite home.

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