with fascination
my own absence.

Going home just dreaming
finding that it is only a memory
The furniture is gone, is out there
Is fragmented and is moving
Is time that doesn't have an end
Is a place in no where
The landscape has been burned
in an instance

I've made a drawing on the carpet
I put my north on
I wrote it on a highway.
I made it with
the brush of the vacuum
I was an alien getting an outline
I wanted the map of a house
house is a country itself
I left my steps there
traced on the surface.
Then, I took theirs
Again I wrote on the carpet
Family Maps Series . Table for 4 ( Top ) and Detail of Table for 6. Table for 8 (Right).2004
Lint, toy chairs, folding tray table.

Table for 2. Detail. 2004.Lint, toy chairs, folding tray table.

Family Maps es una serie de mesas individuales en aluminio armando paisajes domesticos. La superficie plana esta cubierta de fibras de algodón, papel y pelos que quedan en la secadora después de lavar la ropa, ancladas están unas sillas de casa de muñecas trabajadas con brea y fibra. Hacen grupos que invitan a la cena familiar, para dos, para cuatro, para seis, para ocho, para la visita, pero las sillas no se mueven, están ahí y ahí nadie cave, nadie pasa. Todo esta agotado, cansado de las lavadas, la limpieza deja residuos, residuos de colores de algodón que forman geografías, paisaje llano, desértico, pulcro.